My name is Geffen Refaeli, i'm an illustrator from Tel Aviv.

In the past 3 years iv'e been working on the Dailydoodlegram project.

DailyDoodleGram is an illustraion project based on the fantastic inspiration and sense of community that the Instagram platform and it's users provide. 

Every day i go through pictures on my instagram and choose a few that were taken that day and inspire me.

I create a new drawing and story based on different elements, pieces, and characters from those photos. i am trying to create a drawing that is personal and represents a specific moment and state of mind i experience, like a daily abstract journal.

Sometimes i would suddenly have an idea or thought when i see an image and it connects in my mind to something else i saw that day, and other times in the end of the day i sit and look at all the photos side by side and try to find my story. i try to understand the unseen link between my choices or the subject and feeling that guided me. it can be very intuitive and quick or a very deliberate and long thinking process.  

In the past 2 years the project reached 84,000 followers worldwide, and received wide positive media coverage, including: the official InstagramBlogBOOOOOMLike knows LikeIGNANTFlavorwire, Haaretz , and more.

the project was also shown in a number of solo and group exhibitions around the world.

here in my store i'm offering quality prints from the project, limited edition Tees, and other surprises!

feel free to drop me a line, ask me a question or just say Hi :





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